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Links to more Classic Jaguars.

Visit other sites and fans of older Jaguars.

Car Classic
Specialist in supplying under bonnet decal and sticker sets for classic Jaguars & more
Jaguar Cars
Jaguar Cars, maintaining the breed with a great range of stunning new cars. If they'd like me to run a new XJR on extended test, please get in touch..
Jaguar Cars USA
The place to read up on new Jaguars for sale in the USA.
Classic Jaguar
Jaguar restoration and performance tuning parts in Austin Texas.
Classic Motor Cars
Classic Jaguar restoration company, based in Shropshire UK.
Approved Used Jaguar for sale
Our stunning Dick Lovett Jaguar retailer in Melksham, near Bath, offers one of the UK's widest ranges of Approved Used Jaguars for sale.