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Ecurie Ecosse transporter
Series 2 XJ12L Vanden Plas
V8 250 osr
V8 250 restoration project
XJ6 Series 1 short wheel base project car
XJ6 Series 1 swb restoration project
XJ6L racing car
XJ6L racing car from the rear
XJC Coupe 4.2L in gold
V8 250 grille closeup
420 racing car
C-Type engine
C-Type nearside rear
C-Type offside front
C-Type pedal car
C-Type wheel closeup
Daimler Series 1 XJ6L in black
D-Type 207RW
D-Type 207RW closeup
D-Type 393 RW
D-Type 774RW on jacks
D-Type 774RW closeup front
D-Type 774RW cockpit
D-Type longnose
D-Type replica bonnet view
D-Type replica cockpit
D-Type replica dashboard
D-Type replica drives past
D-Type replica with rollcage
D-Type short nose example
D-Type shortnose
E-Type 77 RW
E-Type 848 CRY from the rear
E-Type 848 CRY front view
E-Type fhc racer on dunlop rims
E-Type fixed head coupe racer
E-Type lightweight 9023 DU
E-Type Lightweight on Minilites
E-Type Lightweight rear view
E-Type lowdrag
E-Type Roadster with hardtop
E-Type S1 FHC grey
E-Type S1 roadster
E-Type S1 roadster in blue
E-Type S2 2+2
E-Type S2 6 cylinder
E-Type Series 3 V12
Lightweight E-Type 2 GXO
Lightweight E-Type pairing at Goodwood
Lister in Ecurie Belge colours
Lister in green and yellow
Mk1 BUY1
Mk1 Jaguar in the sun
Mk1 race cars
Mk1 racing cars in the pits
Mk1 Rally of the Tests competitor
Mk1 road competitions car
Mk10 racing saloon car
Mk2 dark blue
Mk2 grille closeup
Mk2 Racer rear view nsr
Mk2 racing car on Minilite wheels
Mk2 road rally car
Mk7 at Oulton Park
Mk7 during repair
Mk7 Interior
Mk7 saloon car racer
Mk7 saloon lineup
Mk7 with racing numbers
Mk9 in white
R1 Formula One
Special cockpit
SS Sports car
XJ12 Series 1 racing car engine
XJ12 Series 3 engine
XJ12C Broadspeed
XJ12C Coupe in red
XJ40 XJ6 racing car
XJ6 Series 1 bonnet up
XJ6 Series 1 in driveway
XJ6 Series 1 oilchange
XJ6 Series 1 racing car in light blue
XJ6 Series 1 swb in blue
XJ6 Series 1 white rear
XJ6 Series 2 racing car with XJ40
XJ6 Series 2 rear view in yellow
XJC Coupe from behind
XJC Coupe on XJRS wheels
XJC engine bay with triple SUs
XJC racing car up on jacks
XJRS competition spec V12
XJRS racing car after a bump
XJS early V12 rear view
XJS in TWR style livery
XJS V12 modified racing car
XJS V12 without a bonnet
XJ-SC Cabriolet
XK120 alloy bodied
XK120 alloy bodied racing car
XK120 aluminium
XK120 aluminium BRG racer
XK120 DHC red pedal car
XK120 FHC in blue
XK120 FHC in grey
XK120 FHC nsr view
XK120 FHC racer in blue
XK120 in a trailer
XK120 road car FHC
XK150 drophead
XK150 FHC on a road rally
XK150 FHC racer
XK150 FHC with bonnet straps
XK150 in white
XK150 DHC in a Goodwood paddock
XK-SS engine bay
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Welcome to Classic Jaguars.

Image gallery of road and racing cars.

I have been interested in older Jaguars for many years, as have the rest of my family. Seventeen years ago I purchased my first old Jaguar, whilst still in my early twenties. This car, a fabulously thirsty but stylish Series One XJ12L was a low mileage example in midnight blue, with tan leather trim.

Several happy years were spent owning this venerable and quite unusual Jaguar and although it was not the best example around, it still looked a million dollars and had no significant rot which was quite unusual.

I had owned a number of classic cars by that point, and this old wafter really was a superb car to cruise around in, even if the non-functioning fuel gauges caused me to miscalculate my fuel range and coast to the side of the road with empty tanks.

After a few years I sold the old girl on reluctantly, though ever since I've wondered what happened to this great old car - RAR 115L are you still around?

A few years passed and I acquired a down at heel Daimler XJ 4.2 auto Series 1 for a paltry amount. Despite looking like a car dragged out of a lake it actually drove very well though I didn't keep it long, exactly one month in fact after which I bowed to certain pressures and sold it on.

This didn't deter me from getting another classic Jaguar, and a few years later I bought a Series 1 XJ6 short wheelbase, again with auto transmission and light blue in colour. This was a very presentable car and I enjoyed driving it for a couple of years until evidence of rust began to appear, which prompted me to pass it on to someone who would have the time to look after it properly.

That was some years ago and I still expect to buy another XJ one day. I do get drawn to X300 and X308 XJRs but their similarity to the earlier XJ40 does make me wary of what they may be like once they get a little older. I've read that they can be reliable motors, but equally I've heard of stories that make me slightly cautious. Most likely I'll acquire another Series 1 at some point future.

It's not just me that approves of older Jaguars either - Dad, who introduced me to the classic cat, has had a Series 3 XJ6 and XJ12HE in years gone by, following on from a part share in a decrepit old XK120 way back when The Beatles still bothered with haircuts. His current car is a 3.0 V6 X350 in red.

I hope all Jaguar fans enjoy perusing the many photos that feature on this site, and if I've missed out your favourite please get in touch and I'll see what I can do to rectify the omission.

The dark blue car shown below is the XJ12L I owned. In the first picture it's posed with dad's Series 3 HE. The second photo was from when I spotted it on eBay, several years after I sold it. The pale blue Series 1 was a 4.2 litre example, bought a few years after the V12's sale.

Series 1 and Series 3 XJ12s

My old Series 1 XJ12L Jaguar, seen on ebay several years after I sold it

The 4.2 litre XJ6 I once owned